Lloyd E Tidwell Memorial Championship Chase

Lloyd E Tidwell Memorial Championship Chase

The Lloyd E Tidwell Memorial Championship Chase will start on September 9th. and will continue through the last race night which is November. 26th. track reserves the right to cut season short if car counts dwindles. anyone can run the chase you DO NOT have to qualify in any way to run in the chase just show up and you are in the (Lloyd E Tidwell Memorial Championship Chase) top 10 will receive awards. 6-10 will receive a award to be determined at a later date. 1-5 will receive a jacket and trophy, champion will receive a personalized championship ring also!

points for the chase will be figured as listed below

CSS 2017 Points Chase

2017 yearly points championship


This is how points are figured
10 points for showing up with car
Heat race must finish race to get heat race points
1-10 points
2-9 points
3-8 points
4-7 points
5-6 points
6-5 points
7-4 points
8-3 points
9-2 points
10-1 points

Feature races must finish feature race to get feature race points
1-40 points
2-38 points
3-36 points
4-34 points
5-32 points
6-30 points
7-28 points
8-26 points
9-24 points
10-22 points
11-20 points
12-18 points
13-16 points
14-14 points
15-12 points
16-10 points
17-8 points
18-6 points
19-4 points
20-2 points