2019 Centerville Super speedway 

Rules Front Wheel Drive Class 

4cyl single Cam 2000# min.

4cylinder with Double overhead cam 

2100# min. 

6 cylinders 

1# per cc up to a maximum required weight of 2750# 


Cars or trucks must be Oem no aftermarket anything must be visually Stock appearing (cannot Change appearance of the body)  oem throttle body for that car with that type transmission & no spacers 

& no swapping auto Trans to manual Trans throttles body or vice versa! No programmers or like. Other than what listed must be oem 

You can lighten car any way u want to if u have roll bars but you have to have a complete roof & all down post on the car  if you donít have roll bars u cannot lighten the main bodyí either way the roof or any part holding the roof of the car up cannot be lightened ( regardless the race car must  still resemble what it looked like from factory ) if a hatchback car is used and is does not have the hatchback on the car add 100# behind rear end center line.