2019 bomber rules


1-there will be a time limit. To be determined on second night of racing 

For example purposes  if the time limit is 17 seconds !

If during a race ( heat or feature) at any time you make a lap quicker than 17 seconds but no more than  25/100 of a second faster  (16.75 )  You will get a verbal warning you will only get 1 ( one ) warning if you do that twice in a single race you are disqualified from that race you will get start money & start Points if that applies 

 Also if you go Faster on any single lap than (16.74 seconds ) there will be no warning you will be disqualified 

2- must run street tires or mod tires or asphalt pull offs

3- no aftermarket front or rear stubs 

4- you cannot run any electronics or devices of any kind that are built for the purpose to make you run the set time including rev limiters
5- you can run blowers , turbos , roller cans , any chili inch , any trans as long as it go forward and backward , 4 bbl carb ok, any performance item other than what listed is ok !