2017 Factory Stock


Factory Stock Rules 

The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.

The race director shall be empowered to permit deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.



1. Any year model American made car. Wheelbase must be factory stock. Rack and pinion cars must be factory stock parts only. Steering parts (tie rods, springs, ball joints, etc.) must be oem stock or like and in stock location. OEM frame front to rear. No alterations allowed except: front cross member may be notched for fuel pump. Oem firewalls and floorpan in oem stock location
No hiems shock or any original produced with hiems end on it. All shocks must be oem in appearance but may be racing shocks. You will be allowed 2" of variance up or down for the rear shocks only on leaf spring cars only. Otherwise must be in oem stock location. Must be non adjustable shocks. One piece shocks only . Top and bottom a framed must mount in stock unaltered mounts in stock location No adjustable cups on rear

2. Complete frame for that year model. any Body with fenders front and rear May use sheet metal or aluminum. may be open on back of car, All doors must be secured to body. Hood and roof may be fiberglass or sheet metal, hood and trunk must be pinned down. Rear spoilers 8" tall maximum & Spoiler must not be wider than rear of car. wedge bodied cars 6" maxinum spoiler height. Must have a complete factory floor pan and firewall. Floorpan and firewall must be in oem stock location. Holes in firewall must be covered with metal or aluminum. Rear firewall must extend from bottom of rear window to bottom of floor pan can be aftermarket. Trunk area may be cut no further forward than pinion of rear end, Rear fender and firewall may be trimmed for tire clearance. Front fender wells may be unbolted and removed, rear fenderwells optional,

3. Bumpers may be square or round tubing may run inner rub rail minimum size 1 inch round or square tubing on rear bumper. Must have tow loops front and rear. 

4. All weights must be painted white.

5. Enclosed interiors ok. All glass must be removed, including head and tail lights. No rear view mirrors allowed. Factory gauges may be removed. All flammable interior- carpet, head liner, interior side panel, rear seats, etc. must be removed. Wiring harness may be removed and replaced. . May have 5" plastic sun screen on front window. A minimum of 3 windsheild bars are suggested. 

6. Must have racing seat and a 4 point harness . We suggest you have window net or arm restraint & fire suit and fire resistant gloves & shoes.Driver must have helmet, neck brace. Must have working fire extinguisher mounted inside car.

7. Quick release steering wheel optional and " or smaller round steering shaft Suggested. May run quick steer.

8. Aftermarket gas and brake pedals  allowed, if adjustable the adjuster cannot b hooked up.

9. Must weigh 3200# lbs. after race with driver. Top 3 cars weigh after heat races. Last chance transfer spots will weigh. Top 5 will weigh after "A" feature .



10. Engine must be stock production block and heads. No angle plug gm heads. Factory blocks only. GM to GM, Ford to Ford, Dodge to Dodge, flat top or dished pistons, No Domes. Stock GM crankshaft 3.480 or 3.50 STROKE or You can run a scat oem type crank (46# minimum weight) unaltered and STOCK GM RODS. Must have a 1 inch plug in the oil pan for inspection, needs to be on the driver side behind the motor mounts for tech inspection. No bowtie or aluminum blocks. Casting numbers must be readable by tech official. No 400 blocks. Maximum cubic inch displacement to include clearance and wear is 364 for GM and Ford and 370 for Mopar. All others must not exceed 360 CID. 5.7" in gm Stock I beam replacement scat or eagle rods other makes ford ,dodge ect.... stock length for that oem style block. Any rod bolts. no knife edging or cutting or lighting of crankshafts period. Rod journal on gm crankshaft must be 2.100 may be turned 10 or 20 or 30 thousands maximum . Oem 602 crate motor Is legal but subject to inspection and or protest! No titanium or aluminum rods 5.7 rods only

$150.00 full protest less crank and trans and clutch ( $50.00 goes to Drivers Awards fund)
$50.00 for transmission and or clutch and flywheel.
$300.00 complete full protest and transmission and clutch and flywheel and pull the crank and weigh it. The driver must hand money to flagmen or official before the car gets off the racing surface of track driver only can protest or can hand to scale official.
( you are subject to being protested at any time you race at CSS) ( $50.00 goes to Drivers Awards fund)

11. #1 Spark plug must be lined up with or forward of left ball joint.

12. Any unaltered production cast iron or aluminum intake or any unaltered non air gap aftermarket dual plane aluminum intakes allowed: except tourque link intakes, 

No Brezinski intakes. No porting of the heads or gasket matching of intake or heads. Intake may NOT be reworked under carb area. Carb spacer no taller than 1 inch allowed including gaskets. CARBURETOR CAN BE NO LARGER THAN A HOLLEY #4412 500 CFM 2 BARREL AND MUST PASS INSPECTION FROM TOP SIDE WITH GAUGE. BOTTOM OF CARB CAN BE NO LONGER THAN 1 11/16" IN DIAMETER. (MUST BE STOCK VENTURA 1 3/8")MAY RUN ROCHESTER 2 BARREL (SUBJECT TO BE PULLED OFF AND CHECKED).

13. Factory style distributors. (GM = HEI) No MSD distributors, No remote coils on GM distributors. No onboard electronic devices capable of storing information allowed with the exception of recall Tachometers. No aftermarket electronic amplifying devices allowed. aftermarket modules ok.

14. Battery may be relocated and must be securely mounted in a battery box.

15. NO rollers cams of any type  & 480 total lift max, Hydraulic camshafts & lifters only, Roller rockers ok. On  gm 1.5 to 1 rockers only all other makes ( ford/dodge ect...) must be oem ratio. NO flat tappet cams or mushroom cams. No hydraulic roller cams. Zero valve lash is required. Hydraulic lifters only . Poly locks ok.

16. Heads must be stock OEM production only no angle plug on gm & no lighting type on ford products. No aftermarket heads except unaltered summit racing part number SUM-152123 SR heads ok. Casting number must be readable by tech official. 2.02 1.60 valve. Valve spring diameter max 1.300 thousands single spring only with damper. Screw in studs allowed, guide plates ok. No angle milling of Blocks or heads, No Brezinski products, No porting, No polishing, No acid dipping, or anything similar allowed to heads or intake. 1.5 to 1 rockers only . No bowtie vortex at all . We will check combustion chamber and intake and exhaust runners this will be checked . Enginequest (EQ) GM 76cc heads are OK

17. any Headers ok.

18. automatics or standard transmissions. Aftermarket clutch pedal ok. 

( a automatic transmission that matches the make of engine in that car and Driver must be able to put car in gear from park/neutral and move forward and reverse at time of inspection. And must have a working torque converted) Clutch pressure plate must be 10" minimum in size. no aluminum flywheels , Minimum weight for clutch , pressure plate , throw out bearing , flywheel and bolts must be a minimum of 34# Must have drive shaft loop 6 inches back from u-joint. Shaft & loop must be painted white.

19. Fuel cell mandatory, must be in trunk area. Cell should be securely installed.  gas only. No nitrous oxide or other performance enhancing chemicals allowed. Bars may be added to protect gas tank and radiator areas.


20. Roll cages are required. No screw joint fittings allowed. The minimum requirement for all roll cages shall be an "A" shaped affair, constructed of at least 1 OD pipe with bars running from the upper right corner to the lower left corner, and just the opposite on the other side, forming a "X" as viewed from front to rear. There must also be a cross bar on top of "A" and 4 bars down the side and 4 bars around the top to complete a caged affair around the driver. All roll cage pipes must be at least .095 in thickness. Must have 4 door bars on driver side and 2 bars on the passenger side. Drivers side must have door plate. The driver and passenger doors inner liner only may be altered as necessary to install bars in the door area. No further gutting allowed. Gussets required.


21. asphalt pull off tires or g-60 Hoosier ( not 500) only. No recaps or dirt late model tires. no street tires allowed. All tires must pass tech inspection. Must dureometer at least 50. Gt40 heads ok. NO Mopar W-2. Cars will be checked in tech.

22. Steel racing wheels only. Maximum width is 10" Right side bead-lock only. NO plastic or aluminum wheels. 5/8" stud and 1" lug nuts MANDATORY.

23. Unless otherwise specified ALL SUSPENSION MUST REMAIN STOCK AND IN STOCK LOCATION, WITH NO ALTERATIONS. NO relocation of mounting points. NO use of chains or other items to limit suspension travel. NO weight jacks or spring sliders allowed adjustable cups on front ok and on rear ok but on rear must be non working ( welded up ) . NO gold tracs or any form of traction devices allowed. Adjustable cups ok . All suspension has to be oem u have use oem torque arm in oem like mounts ( rear mount can be built to work on a 9" but must be in oem location and look like oem mount best u can) torque arm must b correct length mounted to trans or cross member but must be in oem location on front which is below drive shaft no hiems joints anywhere must mount solid on rear and front mount can b where torque arm can twist left to right in place and slide front to rear in place ( u can use this type mount on front if u like ( rear mount must mimic oem best u can)

24. May run aftermarket springs. Rear springs must use stock upper spring pads in stock location.

25. Numbers must be contrasting and readable 

26. All control arms must mount up in stock positions & stock location and stock length for that chassis and be non adjustable without sliders and be non movable except for the way ford, Chevy or gm ect... intended  for them to move. oem bottom A frames for that frame may be cut  but in oem stock location. aftermarket non adjustable A frame that mimics a stock one with all mounting points and ball joins in exact same location tube ok on top only. 

27. Any stock American made car or ton truck rear ends allowed. May run 9" Ford rear end but all brackets and shocks must stay in their original locations. Grand national rear ends ok for safety. Locked rear ends required.

28. Must have working 3 or 4 wheel brakes. May switch too disk brakes on rear.

Must have a 1 inch plug in the oil pan for inspection, needs to be on the driver side behind the motor mounts for tech inspection

Or you can run under CCS street stock rules with their 2bbl carb rule only. 

or PSS or i30 Factory Stock Rules or arklatex factory stock rules you cannot mix or match rules chose one set run them rules only all rules must run our (CSS 2 bbl carb rule) .